Koimala Maldives

With a capacity of 10 passengers, the Koimala is the ideal boat for a private cruise.

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2 French guides for up to 10 divers

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The Koimala Maldives is a traditional wooden boat.

The boat accommodates 10 divers in 5 double cabins.

Discover the Maldives in a small group for an intimate cruise.

The huge advantage of cruising on a boat that only takes ten divers is that by diving in a small group you will have a much better chance of observing marine life than if you were on a boat with 20 divers.


The dives aboard Koimala Maldives are supervised by two professional French instructors among a team of 4 instructors who have a minimum of 7 diving cruise seasons in the Maldives.
Rebecca (8th season), Sébastien (11th season), Charlotte (7th season) and Jean-Charles (9th season).

Recommended level: CMAS **, Level 2 FFESSM, Advanced PADI / NAUI / SSI or equivalent with more than 30 dives.
Experience in drift diving is highly recommended.

Level 1, CMAS * or Open Water with a minimum of 40 dives are welcome on board Koimala Maldives. They will dive with a dedicated instructor so as not to penalize the rest of the group. We advise Open Water divers to do the PADI Advanced course during the cruise.

Number of dives: 3 dives per day except for the days of arrival, departure and long crossings. 1 night dive per week. 15 dives during a cruise of 7 nights . 18 h minimum surface interval before the aircraft.

PADI Diving Courses: Nitrox and Advanced Open Water Diver Training

The Koimala Maldives comes with a fully equipped dive boat with 2 compressors, GPS, telephone, medical oxygen, storage for personal equipment, toilets and fresh water.

Type of cylinder and fittings: 12 litre aluminium cylinder, DIN/caliper fittings (no double fittings).

Nitrox and equipment rental are extra.

Oxygen therapy equipment: 1 bottle of 50 liters with regulator on demand, 1 bottle with BAVU.

2 appendices: dinghy and diving boat. First aid kit.
Communication: VHF, GSM telephone, radio CB.

Koimala Maldives - Diving cruise in the Maldives

Sanitary evacuation

Evacuation by speedboat or seaplane to Male or to hyperbaric centers. Minimum evacuation time: Between 1 hour and 10 hours depending on the location. Difficult evacuation after sunset (18h). Hyperbaric centers: Bandos (North Male) and Kuramathi (North Ari).

Dive Insurance

A personal insurance for scuba diving is mandatory.

If you don't have insurance, we recommend that you take out the DAN diving insurance specially designed for the Maldives at the price of 17 € for 7 days and 25 € for 14 days.

DAN Maldives Diving Insurance

DAN Short Term Insurance Policy

Koimala Maldives - Diving cruise in the Maldives
Koimala Maldives - Diving cruise in the Maldives


The Koimala is a wooden boat 22 m long and 7 m wide built in 1994 and completely renovated in 2015.

All cabins are air conditioned and well equipped with a fan, storage, shelves, a 220 V socket with adaptor and a private bathroom. 2 cabins with a double bed and a single bunk bed. 3 cabins with 2 single bunk beds.

Sheltered outdoor dining room at the stern of the boat. Bar with alcohol, wine, beer and soft drinks. Indoor lounge with library, Hi-Fi, TV, DVD.

At the bow, the deck with a shaded saloon area. Sundeck on the upper deck (fitted roof) with mattresses.

Cruising speed: 12 knots.

Fresh water made by a desalinator (fresh water at will).

Electricity in 220 V 24 hours a day. Electric socket equipped with French standard adaptor.

Air conditioning and fan.

Equipment: TV/DVD, audio CD, telephone, fishing equipment.

Navigation and communication: CB radio, mobile phone, GPS, marine VHF.

Koimala Maldives - Diving cruise in the Maldives


All meals are provided on board Koimala Maldives and prepared with care by the 2 cooks.

Continental breakfast (coffee/tea/chocolate, fruit juice, toast, butter, jams, honey, fresh fruit, cheese with omelettes, pancakes or a local speciality depending on the day).

On the menu, often fresh fish from the day's catch, accompanied by rice, pasta, fresh vegetables and local fruit. A snack is served every day at tea time.

A water fountain is available in the saloon (hot and cold water), tea, coffee in self-service.

Meals are served in the outdoor dining room at the back of the boat.

Diving cruise in the Maldives on board the Koimala

Diving cruise in the Maldives on board the Koimala



Diving cruise in the Maldives on board the Koimala

Magnificent cruise

I took a cruise five years ago, but this one was beautiful. The dives are very diversified, the guides Charlotte and Jean Charles are very nice, as well as all the crew of Koimala, and an outstanding cook.

Best parts:The dives were diversified and above all magnificent.
Worst parts:Only 15 dives
January 12, 2020

A perfect cruise

A perfect cruise, great dives in beautiful surroundings. A friendly and smiling crew. A very friendly and always professional diving staff. The intimate side (10 divers) is very appreciable.

Best parts:Great dives, a cook full of resources and ideas, a small group (only 10 divers)
Worst parts:It's a small cabin, but for the time we spend there....
from 5 to 12 January

It's been wonderful!

It's been wonderful! From the plate, to the seabed, a feast for all the senses! So thank you to the crew, of a delicacy and kindness topissime and thank you to our supervisors divers (Charlotte and Jc) that we followed with our eyes closed ... for my part, 2nd trip, same dates, same boat (the Koimala) we do not cease to be surprised!

Best parts:All of it. It's hard to do better
Worst parts:Hello, whale shark? Apparently on non stop messaging
March 2019

Cruise to the top !

Cruise to the top ! Nothing to say, no negative point really !

Best parts:the dive supervisors (JC and Charlotte), the crew, the boat (Koimala), the kitchen
Worst parts:almost non-stop generator noise (mainly annoying on the first night)
March 2019

It was really perfect, our instructor,

It was beautiful. We saw everything: sharks (lots of them!), mantas on the stations at 15m (for 60 minutes), schools of jacks, tuna and lots of soft corals at foteyo and in the south (I love it!). I came alone and the atmosphere on board was very friendly on Koimala. Thanks to the 2 guides for the choice of the dives and for the animations. The crew was very nice and very nice. really perfect. The boat is good and many thanks to the cooks and the barman for the marguaritas. I will be back as soon as I can....

February 2019

Perfectly organized cruise-stay

Perfectly organized and advisable for divers who want to discover the beauty of the underwater life of the Maldives.

Best parts:The typical Maldivian boat for up to 10 divers. The delicious cuisine. The instructor guides very attentive to our needs and the right choice of dives. The friendliness and kindness of the crew.

What to say about this trip

What to say about this 9 days trip to the Maldives on Koimala, awesome, topissime !
Reception at the airport, transfer to the boat RAS
Clear arrival briefing, luggage left in the cabin.
Lunch and first dive on the day of arrival, cool !
Then all the other perfect dives, briefings and organization of the dives with the guides, always so efficient and professional.
The crew always polite and discreet.
For the underwater fauna, magical: Mantas, rays, sharks, turtles, whale shark.... happiness.
If you are cruising south of the Maldives, think of me !

November 2018