Central & Southern cruise

Best of Maldives - 3 atolls
Male, Ari, Felidhoo

Diving cruise Maldives Central & South
See the best of the Maldives' marine life on a classic itinerary through the Central and Southern atolls. You'll dive in the atolls of Male North, Male South, Ari and Felidhoo on cruises lasting from 7 to 9 nights. This Maldives diving cruise is the ideal way to discover the archipelago for the first time.

Diving Ari Atoll

The sites are varied, with numerous sharks, rays, soft coral-covered overhangs and huge schools of fish. On several reefs we'll see manta rays being cleaned, and on night dives you can watch white tip sharks, snappers and jacks hunting. To the south of the atoll, we'll be on the lookout for whale sharks.

Dives on the atolls of Male and Felidhoo

We'll dive in the passes to observe the pelagic fauna that concentrates there as the water enters the atolls (sharks, eagle rays, barracudas, jacks...). We'll do a night dive with nurse sharks towards Alimata.

Other routes

Deep South (Male-Gan)

Deep South (Male-Gan)

8 atolls between Male and Addu
Male South, Felidhoo, Meemu, Thaa, Laamu, Huvadhoo, Foamulah, Addu

Far South Cruise

Far South Cruise

3 atolls
Addu, Foamulah, Huvadhoo
Escape to the Deep South by plane. The cruise starts in Addu atoll for a complete change of scenery.