Snorkeling Maldives

Discover an exceptional marine fauna and the coral islands of the archipelago on a snorkeling cruise in the Maldives

Intimate cruise off the beaten track

The snorkeling cruise in the Maldives takes place on 12-passenger boats with 2 French guides

Your French guides, experts in the archipelago, will take you to the most beautiful sites during your snorkeling cruise in the Maldives.
A unique approach to the archipelago with desert islets, swimming in the lagoons and dream beaches...
The cruise is reserved for snorkellers and snorkelers!
This is not a diving cruise.

But you can still do a first dive if you want to breathe underwater.....

Snorkeling Maldives

Manta rays, turtles, sharks...

The conditions are ideal for snorkeling in the Maldives: water at 30°C, good visibility and the presence of all tropical fish species

During your Maldives snorkeling cruise, you can swim in the lagoons, starting quietly from a beach, or in the open water, outside the reefs.
Face-to-face meetings with turtles, sharks or rays are common. Exceptional encounters with particular species such as manta rays or whale sharks are encouraged by prior boat sightings.
During your snorkeling cruise in Maldives, the 2 French-speaking guides will introduce you to this island life that they enjoy so much.
A life at the rhythm of the water and encounters always renewed, both on land and in the sea.

Snorkeling Maldives
Snorkeling Maldives
Snorkeling Maldives



Supervised by a guide


White sandy beaches, sunbathing, swimming in clear blue waters


Guided tours of fishing villages and desert islands


Trolling and longline fishing

Scuba diving

Initiation and exploration diving supervised by a French instructor

Dinner on the beach

Dinner and BBQ on a desert island




The snorkeling cruise takes place on locally built boats to get as close as possible to the reefs and reefs and islands

The snorkeling cruise in the Maldives takes place on boats of 10 to 12 people maximum. All these cabins are air-conditioned with a private bathroom.
Our boats are comfortable and well equipped. Boats that are 20 to 30 metres long have a shallow draft to get as close as possible to the islands and enjoy the coral reef.
On Maldives snorkeling cruise boats, we live outside comfortably settled and protected from the sun's rays. The bridges offer beautiful spaces to meet and discuss but also quieter places to read.
For the activities you will find a second boat of about ten meters, the dhoni, and an annex to sneak into the lagoons.


Snorkeling Maldives


Snorkeling Cruise in the Maldives


Snorkeling Cruise in the Maldives

Traveller reviews

Snorkeling Cruise in the Maldives

Wonderful trip in excellent company.

Wonderful trip in excellent company. Top snorkelling and great diving. The boat is really top and very pretty with a crew in the care. The supervision and organization perfectly orchestrated with Rama and Ali. Go there with your eyes wide open, you'll be delighted!

Best parts:Beautiful spots on top and underneath
Worst parts:Noise in the cabin
February 16 to 23, 2020

Exceptional week with a crew

Exceptional week with a crew taking care of us and experienced guides doing everything to preserve the environment and make us discover the underwater flora and fauna.
Note two exceptional evenings organized by the crew during the week.

Best parts:the diversity of the spots-the 2 surprise evenings
Worst parts:not seen a manta, so we'll have to go back.
09/02/2020 to 16/02/2020

Pleasant cruise

I had a pleasant cruise, the boat was comfortable, the crew very professional. The meals are very well prepared. The group was very nice, our guides Sam and Ali fully contributed to make us discover the aquatic fauna of the Maldives.
Very good memories of this stay.

Dominique HAMELIN
19/01 to 26/01/2020

Very nice experience

I come back very happy from this experience, not liking too much the navigation (sick) I still enjoyed it. The team was great and so were the other co-travellers. Even if the bottom is unfortunately not so beautiful anymore, we were accompanied by lots of big and small fish of all colours.

Best parts:Guides top, crew top, boat top
Worst parts:too many sails
brigitte Moreno
January 19th to January 26th

very pleasant snorkeling week

We had a very pleasant snorkeling week. Great crew, excellent meals, very experienced guides, sublime weather, exceptional underwater wildlife and a great and original New Year's Eve party. To be redone without any worries. Living barefoot and in a swimsuit for 8 days is great!

Best parts:Snorkelling
27/12 to 05/01/2020

Snorkeling Cruise

Best parts:Atmosphere, crew, snorkeling

family Christmas

We went away for Christmas with our family. The agency has been on the spot for several years and is therefore very well established, they are real professionals. Everything was perfect. Organization of sea trips. Excellent meal. Crew always in shape. And our guide Ali always ready to show us new things. I really recommend this trip it will remain unforgettable.

Best parts:Beauty of the landscape. Friendliness of the crew. Organization of the trip.
Worst parts:No negative points

Exceptional Snorkeling Trip

A perfect crew and boat, unique landscapes, magnificent dives, it will remain in our memories an exceptional trip that we strongly recommend.

Best parts:The dives
Worst parts:Nothing

I recommend this snorkeling cruise!

Everybody was very nice, both the crew and the San guide who took care of us, as well as the other travellers. The boat was very beautiful and well equipped. My only downside was the cabin where you could hear the generator at night and it's pretty noisy. But that didn't stop you from sleeping.
The meals were excellent, the program very well organized: 2 snorkelling outings per day, rest times/navigation... The seabed abounds in fish, we will have even seen Manta rays, dolphins by hundreds, turtles, sharks and even a whale shark. Exceptional.
Baptism of diving with San which made me want to pass the 1st level.
Reception at the airport very good and reassuring when you are alone.

I recommend this trip!

Best parts:Crew program
Worst parts:Cabin a little noisy
Rault Aliénor
22/12 to 29/12/19

INOUBLIABLE Snorkeling Cruise

Perfect trip
Beauty of the site, friendliness of the crew, professionalism of the guide, perfection of the program.
I sincerely recommend this formula, it's never boring.
I don't see anything wrong with this trip.
Skate turtle ray whale shark sleeper shark dolphins we saw it all.
Memories for life.
I'll do it again with my eyes closed.

Best parts:Everything was perfect.
Worst parts:Nothing

Snorkeling outings very well supervised

Snorkeling outings very well supervised and secure. Friendliness and efficiency of the ship's crew. Visits to the fishing islands and Malé very well commented. Excellent meals and taste surprises provided by the chef. Excellent general atmosphere. Do and redo.

Best parts:Beauty and diversity of marine life
04 2019

Very nice snorkeling cruise in the Maldives

Very nice snorkeling cruise in the atolls of the Maldives. The chaperones, Dominique and San, were simply perfect. The great cruising companions and the great crew. The food was good and tasty. I recommend this cruise with my eyes closed.

Best parts:the quality of snorkeling
Worst parts:nothing
April 2019

Really great.

I didn't expect to enjoy this week on the boat so much (1000 times better than staying 5 days on 1 island)! It was really great. We never want for anything.
We'll have seen everything. Stingrays, turtles, sharks, and luckily hundreds of dolphins in two.
We have time to enjoy and at the same time we're never bored. We sail just the right way: regularly but never too long.

Best parts:The perfect concept, snorekelling 2 or 3 X/ day, the space on the boat, the kindness of the guides and the crew, the quality of the meals, and a great group.
Worst parts:Relatively spacious cabins but beds a little narrow... But it didn't ruin anything else.
April 2019

A magical stay

A magical stay on a comfortable boat, the Dhinasha. The crew was discreet and attentive. The seabed is still beautiful, full of colour with all kinds of fish. Thank you for this discovery! 🙂

Best parts:The crew, the seabed and the mild climate.
Worst parts:ALL CLEAR.
April 2019

A dream trip on a snorkeling cruise

A dream trip with a small group of 9 people, a crew that takes care of itself, excellent meals, fish of all kinds, thank you to the agency under the ocean for contributing to this magnificent stay!

Best parts:The calm, the fish of all kinds, the crew.
Worst parts:Nothing
March 2019

Great stay

Great stay despite the small inconveniences. Very pleasant and competent sailing and management team. Very good knowledge of snorkeling spots. Top safety for snorkeling and diving. To recommend without hesitation.

Best parts:Supervision, organization, very competent French-speaking guides
Worst parts:compressor noises at night and air conditioning failure in our cabin
Franck et Ludo
March 2019

I can only recommend

I can only recommend this trip. A magnificent stay which, beyond the underwater wonders that I have observed every day in snorkeling (rays, turtles, dolphins, sharks, corals, multicolored fish...) allowed me to disconnect at 100%. The kindness and efficiency of the Dhinasha crew made this stay very pleasant by ensuring our comfort with lots of small daily attentions.
Our guide, Domi, took care of us and proved to be up to the task, not only by leading us to remarkable spots, but also by his knowledge of the Maldives, modern and historical. Perfect organization that has led us from surprise to surprise...for maximum relaxation and disconnection! Leaving this scenery and atmosphere of the islands was difficult. Conclusion: do not hesitate. Go ahead! Go ahead!

March 2019

Very nice snorkeling cruise, beautiful fish

Very nice cruise beautiful colorful fish swim with manta rays. Hot water and beautiful lagoons. Very good guide very pleasant and available. Very safe supervision for snorkeling
Small group

Best parts:Very nice staff and guide. Have a nice meal. Very pleasant boat
Worst parts:Corals sometimes dead. Meals not very varied. Generator sound at night
March 2019

Very professional supervision

Very professional snorkeling supervision while remaining very benevolent and very friendly.
Crew identical to the small care
Number of people weak on the boat, 12 customers max per boat, and very comfortable
boat As it was the first time, we left with a lot of apprehension and returned enchanted, ready to leave.
Congratulations to the entire team at Under the Ocean.

Best parts:Friendly and professional technical support
Worst parts:short
27/01 to 03/02/2019

Very nice trip overall.

Very nice trip overall. Be careful during an extra night in Male. It's not interesting for a full day. You have to book a day on an island hotel.

Best parts:The cruise
Worst parts:the rough sea....
30.12.18 to 07.01.19

It was a fabulous magical break that I recommend to everyone!

Back a month ago, we still have an intact memory of this paradise week in the Maldives!!!! We were welcomed by a crew remarkable for their professionalism and kindness on a boat of the simplest, but also the most comfortable to live this experience! Everything is done to highlight and enjoy every moment of exception: so much on the different snorkelings (we could go swimming among the dolphins!!! we saw turtles, manta rays, baby sharks and a multitude of multicolored fish!!! ) that to delight our taste buds (the chef is exceptional... you have to come to taste his dishes... they are... at the height of what our eyes have discovered underwater!...!!!!!!! thank you again to all the crew and more particularly to our two instructors: Alexandre and Rama... to the chef Aita as well as to the other members of the staff.

It was a fabulous magical break that I recommend to everyone!

Anne and Frédéric

Anne et Frédéric
December 2018

A fantastic experience

A fantastic experience both by discovering the seabed and by the life and atmosphere on board. Thanks to the whole team and especially to Alex for his kindness, patience and constant good humour. We look forward to returning next year

Best parts:the comfort of the boat
March 2018

a change of scenery guaranteed, splendid landscape

change of scenery guaranteed, splendid landscape, a cruise between snorkeling and relaxation a very friendly team on board, superb holidays!

March 2018

Very beautiful cruise

Very nice cruise on a comfortable boat. The whole team was very professional and available. Thanks to Dominique for his supervision and to the crew for the quality of the service
I regret a little the festive aspect (without excess) that could have animated this trip: a small aperitif and a little music in the evening on the upper deck would have been very pleasant.....

Best parts:Very good management
Worst parts:Lack of activity at the end of the day
January 2018

Great trip

Great trip, the boat was perfect for 10 people. Alex our guide made us discover all the marine fauna without stress. A big thank you!

December 2018

A perfect immersion in the

A perfect immersion in the Maldives. Dreamlike landscapes, superb underwater fauna and flora. A change of scenery is guaranteed! The Dhinasha boat is comfortable, the crew very friendly and always attentive, the cuisine excellent, and our guide, Alex, at the top! In short, a magnificent and refreshing journey.

December 2017

A very functional boat

A very functional and pleasant boat - The Hamathi,
An efficient and attentive crew,
Several snorkelings every day in always magical places,
Dominique, a passionate, attentive guide, constantly present to show us everything there is to see, In
short, a magnificent
week To consume without moderation !


Magic Week

We had a magical week. The boat is great with an outstanding crew.
a cook who made our taste buds thrill throughout the week 🙂 very varied and delicious food.
Our guide Domi, a great passionate, very professional in his knowledge of marine fauna and flora as well as in the history and culture of the country.

in short, a week of total change of scenery, full of colour and rich in discovery.
Thank you all!
I recommend discovering this beautiful country through this formula.
To do and to do again

Best parts:the beauty of the sites, the food, the crew and the guide on board
Worst parts:mattresses in the rooms
January 2018

Super guides

Magical place and snorkeling + diving supervision knowing very well his job and his sites. Very nice snorkeling cruise in the Maldives!

Best parts:The place and the top framing
Worst parts:the comfort of the boat
January 2018

An excellent trip adapted to families

An excellent trip adapted to families.
Very good organization... Thanks to all the crew and Alex our guide, loved by the children and parents.
Thank you for the Christmas surprises, snorkeling and diving.

December 2017

We had a wonderful week.

We had a wonderful week. We were on Dinasha as a "family". The 3 families got along great. The children had a great time with each other. All the snorkelling outings were beautiful: full of multicolored fish, corals.
Thanks to Alex and Animadou who took us swimming with sleeping sharks, dolphins and turtles. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas Eve evening on the beach, for the gifts offered to the children, the Maldivian evening with all these beautiful flowers.
The crew was always smiling and attentive. Thank you to Aita the cook who regaled us.
The boat was comfortable and clean, the rooms are made several times during the day. One last word for Alex, our guide, who shared with us his passion and his knowledge of the Maldives and the seabed. Always available, smiling attentive and caring.

Best parts:dolphins, turtles,
Worst parts:At the end of the holidays!!!!!!!!!!
December 2017

A great adventure

Concerning the cruise, I am very satisfied. The stay was in line with my expectations.

About the Dhinasha's services: the boat is comfortable and the crew is taking care of itself. The food is tasty and varied. The "on the beach" evening will remain a beautiful memory.

On the snorkeling side: I saw everything I was hoping to see. The monitors are very professional and always available. Domi communicates his passion very well.

Thank you for this great adventure and I look forward to seeing you soon

October 2017

Really perfect

It was really perfect, Alex, very competent and extremely friendly, the boat, the smiling crew (and available, cooking, fishing,...), the other participants,

In short, this snorkeling cruise in the Maldives is a great moment to renew.

See you soon

November 2017

Very nice snorkeling cruise in the Maldives

We had a great week - everything was so good that I don't know where to start!

The boat is beautiful, I particularly enjoyed the solarium. The cabins are spacious and comfortable.
The crew members are kind, smiling, helpful. The food was delicious: the meals are varied and we ate very well all week. The cabins are cleaned regularly, everything was perfect in terms of cleanliness.

Alex and Carole accompanied us on snorkeling. The seabed is magnificent, we enjoyed it! We saw sharks, turtles, rays, morays, and all kinds of fish. Not to mention the evening with the manta rays that came to keep us company at the back of the boat. Only the whale shark didn't show up.
Thanks to the guides for their welcome, their explanations (on the Maldives, on corals and fish) and their flexibility.

And another big thank you for guaranteeing the departure of the cruise even after the cancellation of people who had registered.

Without any hesitation I will recommend this trip to my friends / family, I hope to be able to do another cruise like this one one day.

April 2017
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