Maldives Snorkeling Cruise


Discover an exceptional marine fauna and the coral islands of the archipelago on a Maldives snorkeling cruise






Snorkeling Maldives with dhoni
Snorkeling Maldives with mantas Ari atoll
Snorkeling Maldives anthias in the current
Snorkeling Maldives reef 2 meters deep

Intimate cruise off the beaten track

The snorkeling cruise in the Maldives takes place on boats of 12 passengers with 2 French guides.

Your French guides, connoisseurs of the archipelago, will take you to the most beautiful sites during your snorkeling cruise in the Maldives.
A unique approach to the archipelago with deserted islets, swimming in the lagoons and dreamy beaches...
The cruise is reserved for snorkelers!
This is not a diving cruise.

But you can still take a first dive if you feel like breathing under water ....

Snorkeling Maldives in couple on a reef Meemu atoll

Manta rays, turtles, sharks...

The conditions are ideal for snorkeling in the Maldives: 30°C water, good visibility and the presence of all the tropical fish species.
During your Maldives snorkeling cruise, you can swim in the lagoons, starting quietly from a beach, or in the open water, outside the reefs.

One-on-one encounters with turtles, sharks or rays are common. Exceptional encounters with particular species such as manta rays or whale sharks are facilitated by a prior sighting by boat.

During your snorkeling cruise in the Maldives, the 2 French-speaking guides will help you discover this island life that they appreciate so much.
A life at the rhythm of the water and of ever-changing encounters, both on land and in the sea.

Snorkeling Maldives with a turtle


Snorkeling Maldives with a manta


Supervised by a guide


White sandy beaches, sunbathing, swimming in clear blue waters


Guided tours of fishing villages and deserted islands


Troll and longline fishing

Scuba diving

Discovery dives and more with our diving instructor

Dinner on the beach

Dinner and BBQ on a desert island



Traveller reviews

Unforgettable snorkeling cruise

Unforgettable snorkeling cruise

March 2022

Perfect trip, beauty of the sites, friendliness of the crew, professionalism of the guide, perfection of the program.
I sincerely recommend this snorkeling cruise in the Maldives, you never get bored.
Rays, turtles, whale sharks, dolphins, we saw everything.

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Very pleasant snorkeling week

Very pleasant snorkeling week

December 2021

We spent a very pleasant week snorkeling in the Maldives.
The crew was at the top, the meals were excellent, the guides were very experienced, the weather was sublime, the underwater fauna was exceptional and the New Year's Eve was great and original.

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Exceptional week

Exceptional week

April 2022

Exceptional week with a very attentive crew and experienced guides doing everything to preserve the environment and make us discover the underwater flora and fauna.

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Magnificent snorkeling cruise

Magnificent snorkeling cruise

February 2022

Wonderful trip to the Maldives, in excellent company. Boat really top, the snorkeling is top. and very beautiful dives. The supervision and the organization were perfectly orchestrated with a very attentive crew.

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