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Discover the Maldives on a cruise and enjoy a unique experience off the beaten track
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Maldives Cruise -Cruise ship in the Maldives seen from the beach
snorkeling on a reef in the maldives
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Yacht charter in Maldives

Charter your own boat for a private cruise with friends or family.

Choose the duration of your Maldives Cruise and we'll suggest the best itinerary according to the season and the activities you've chosen.
Snorkeling around reefs teeming with fish to observe the exceptional marine fauna: turtles, manta rays, whale sharks...
Scuba diving with our guide to discover the most beautiful sites in the best conditions, or for an introduction to diving.
Between the protected coral reefs, where you can admire mantas, and the multitude of passes that attract schools of fish and sharks, it's hard to get bored.
Maldives snorkeling with a manta in Ari atoll

When to go to Maldives Cruise ?

Located near the equator, the Maldives enjoy a warm (26° to 30° C), humid climate all year round. The best time to visit the Maldives is during the dry season, from December to April.

The climate of the Maldives is divided into two main seasons, determined by the monsoons.

The dry season

From December to April, the northeast monsoon, known as Iruwai, brings the dry season. This period is very sunny and rainfall is low.
From February onwards, temperatures are higher and days are very sunny.
In February and March, the weather and sailing conditions are perfect for a Maldives Cruise.

The wet season

From May to November, the south-west monsoon, known as Hulhangu, is the rainy season.
More agitated and rainy, this monsoon brings wind, which makes for rough seas.
Showers are brief but very intense, especially in June and July, the least favorable months for a Maldives Cruise.
Showers and thunderstorms occur in the late afternoon, but the sun returns as quickly as it left.
Thanks to the rainy season, vegetation is lush and rich throughout the archipelago.

Maldives cruise in Baa atoll

Traveller reviews

Amazing yacht charter

Amazing yacht charter

August 2022

We just finished our private cruise this morning and had an incredible time. The Over Reef was absolutely perfect for our family. In particular, I want to emphasize how great the entire crew was.

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Family Christmas

Family Christmas

December 2021

The agency has been on the spot for several years, so they are very well trained, they are real professionals of the Maldives cruise. Everything was perfect. Organization of the sea trip. Excellent meals. Crew always in good shape.

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Fabulous Maldives Cruise

Fabulous Maldives Cruise

July 2022

These 10 days on the Dhoni stella 2 have been fabulous.
Kaathee's food, Suleiman's kindness, Aju's humor and the Captain's professionalism made every day extraordinary.
Used to private cruises, this was by far the best stay we've ever had.
From breakfast to bedtime, the crew is always on hand to suggest an activity or to help you discover the beauty of the Maldives. Abandoned beach, snorkeling, diving, BBQ, whaleshark...

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A dream private cruise in the Maldives!

A dream private cruise in the Maldives!

February 2022

We were inspired to take a private Maldives cruise on the Dhoni Stella by listening to our friends tell us about their superb trip.
With our 2 children, this trip was memorable, with snorkeling tailor-made for us to see everything: turtles, manta rays, schools of fish, sharks (very nice, not even scared), dolphins (on the surface)... We followed a whale shark for 45 minutes...

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