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On a Maldives diving cruise, the most beautiful spots of the archipelago will be within reach of your fins
12 different itineraries from the Great South to the Far North

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Since 1998, we have been organizing diving cruises in the Maldives. Our expertise guarantees you an unforgettable diving cruise in the Maldives.

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The Maldives is often referred to as a paradise for divers: nothing is more true. To believe that nature has created the country and its 26 atolls for underwater exploration! Between the protected coral reefs where one can admire the mantas, and the multitude of passes that attract the benches of fish and sharks, difficult to get tired. Not to mention that some atolls, located in the far south or the far North and recently explored, have not yet revealed all their richness... The Maldives diving cruise is ideal for discovering the most beautiful sites of the archipelago.

Dive in small groups among manta rays, sharks and schools of tropical fish. All tropical fish species as well as a wide variety of corals and invertebrates are present in the Maldives. Dives with turtles, sharks or rays are common. The chances of encountering a whale shark are high all year round. Especially along the outer reef of South Ari Atoll and in Hanifaru Bay.


The Maldivian seabed allows two types of dives: easy, shallow dives around coral reefs, with mantas around cleaning stations or on drop offs on the outer reef; more sporty dives in the passes to observe the pelagic fauna that concentrate there when the currents are relatively strong.

diving cruise maldives
diving cruise maldives


The best season for a Maldives diving cruise is from August to May. The high season is from December to April.

During these 9 months, the current and visibility conditions are different. That's why the itinerary of your Maldives dive cruise is adapted to observe as many species as possible. In particular, manta rays and whale sharks that follow plankton concentrations.

In February and March the weather and diving conditions are perfect. This is "the best of the best" for a diving cruise in the Maldives!
Visibility will be very good in the east in the passes with a current still coming in. These are the ideal conditions to observe the pelagic fauna that is concentrated there (reef sharks, grey sharks, eagle rays, barracudas, jacks...).

To the west of the atolls, manta gather to monitor plankton concentrations. You will dive next to the cleaning stations to follow the mantas ray brooms. And you will frequently encounter whale sharks outside the atolls.

Diving cruise in the Maldives


Diving cruise in the Maldives

Magnificent cruise

I took a cruise five years ago, but this one was beautiful. The dives are very diversified, the guides Charlotte and Jean Charles are very nice, as well as all the crew of the boatKoimala, and an outstanding cook.

Best parts:The dives were diversified and above all magnificent.
Worst parts:Only 15 dives
January 12, 2020

A perfect cruise

A perfect cruise, great dives in beautiful surroundings. A friendly and smiling crew. A very nice and always professional diving staff. The intimate side (10 divers) is very appreciable.

Best parts:Great dives, a cook full of resources and ideas, a small group (only 10 divers)
Worst parts:It's a bit of a small cabin, but for the time we spend in it...
January 5 to 12

I've had a great week

I had a great week aboard the Gurahali with Sebastian and Rebecca.
The dives were magnificent, the boat very comfortable, the meals excellent.
I'll be back!

Best parts:Superb dives, very comfortable boat, very nice guides available.
24/11/19 to 01/12/19

Super nice cruise

Super beautiful cruise, magnificent dives with mantas and whale shark on the program, very nice group and boat (the Gurahali) at the top with instructors who know the sites very well, comfort and excellent meals throughout the cruise. See you soon!!!

Best parts:Super beautiful cruise, magnificent dives with mantas and whale shark on the program, very nice group and boat at the top
April 2019

Beautiful boat and superb dives

This was our first cruise, so we are not experts..... but we really enjoyed theAdora, the guides and the cruise. It was in March with very good weather and an itinerary in the far south of the Maldives. The dive was just remarkable and we saw mantas, a lot of sharks and a lot of fish of all kinds. The room is luxurious and huge for a boat. We thank the guides for the choice of sites and their great knowledge of all the atolls in the south. We sailed at night to dive in the early morning into the passes of the Huvadhoo atoll and swim among the dolphins...

Best parts:the comfort of the Adora, the divemasters
Rebecca & Philippe
March 4, 2019

Very good stay

The Adora is a very beautiful boat, luxurious and very well thought out to enjoy a breathtaking view of the atolls. The "Diving Dhoni" is ideal for divers with equipment that remains at the station throughout the cruise and storage for cameras. Very good stay, good quality of service for the whole crew. Assad, Ibbe, and Marc were excellent guides, we dived in small groups, each at his own pace to enjoy the mantas and take as many pictures as possible. Many thanks to Assad for his photo advice. I have very nice views of the sharks and the school of jacks in Fotteyo Pass. The 2 dives on Saturday is a very good idea.

All good stuff. Very beautiful diving cruise Maldives

I'll look next year for the cruise to the far south.

March 2019


we saw everything on board the cruise: Adoramantas, a lot of sharks and 2 whale sharks in the evening behind the boat for more than 4 hours...really great memories and incredible images with my Go Pro camera

Best parts:the luxury boat, whale sharks and cooks
February 24, 2019

Only happiness....

Everything was perfect from the moment we arrived at Maldives airport: transfer, boarding, diving; until the moment of departure... I was hoping that time would pass more slowly and I tell you that you should enjoy it from the first moments.

Very beautiful dives with a lot to see: manta rays, sharks, whaleshark, macro life, ghost fish, crabs, turtles, eagle rays, stingrays, varieties of fish in abundance... etc etc... too much to mention. Super dive guides, delicious meals served in a buffet when we come back from each dive... and we met other divers on board with whom we will travel with pleasure...

We really had a very good experience with the Adora and the agency Sous l'Océan which took care of everything. The staff was professional and very dedicated.

We are so happy to have chosen this cruise ship. If we come back, we certainly won't look any further. I highly recommend the agency and adore it.

Best parts:The boat and guides
Worst parts:stay too short
January 2019

Best week of diving

The crew was really very professional and friendly. Especially in cooking with delicious meals compared to my other cruises in the Maldives.

We made 18 dives, all different with mantas, sharks and a very abundant fauna. We discovered the northern atolls with great pleasure and will come back for the Hanimadhoo special stage at Raa atoll.

A word of advice, the currents are sometimes quite strong (full moon), remember to bring a reef hook, although it is also available on theAmba.

Best parts:the various sites and no other boats
Worst parts:a week is short

Everything has been wonderful!

Everything has been wonderful! From the plate to the seabed, a delight for all the senses! So thank you to the crew, of a very delicate and kind kindness and thank you to our diving instructors (Charlotte and Jc) that we followed with our eyes closed... for my part, 2nd trip, same dates, same boat (theKoimala) we do not stop being surprised!!!!

Best parts:Everything!!!!! It's hard to do better than that.
Worst parts:Hello, whale shark? Visibly on non-stop messaging
March 2019

Cruise to the top!!!

Cruise to the top!!! Nothing to say, no negative points really!

Best parts:the diving instructors (JC and Charlotte), the crew, the boat (Koimala), the kitchen
Worst parts:the noise of the generator almost non-stop (mainly annoying on the first night)
March 2019

A perfect cruise!

A perfect cruise!
A comfortable boat, a discreet and efficient crew and our friendly and pleasant guides (JC and Charlotte).
Ideal diving conditions, little wind, little current and crystal clear water on the East and South atolls (perfect for photographers) Of
course we had mantas, sharks of all kinds, yellow, blue, red, green and other fish...
Everything was there for this successful cruise

Best parts:Caring and professional guides
Worst parts:the whale sharks didn't show up
March 2019

A lot of Manta

About fifteen mantas on a station in Hanimadhoo. These dives were fantastic. A lot of fish on all reefs.

And no other boats!

Best parts:mantas and no other divers
February 2019

Very beautiful boat

The cabins are very spacious and even the bathroom was much larger than most cruise ships. The crew is fantastic and does everything possible to ensure the happiness of the customers, and the main lounge is spacious and comfortable. You can relax in several outdoor areas.

The diving in the Far North was incredible. Beautiful visibility and such abundant marine life. And we have never had to share the sites with another cruise ship.

We highly recommend this trip! Thanks to Sous l'Océan

Best parts:No other divers on site. The mantas
Brigitte et Fred

Great cruise with the !Amba

An absolutely awesome 10-day diving cruise! Everything went smoothly and simply, from welcoming Nicole to the airport. The diving program has been organized so that each time they are surprising and dazzling (grey sharks, white tips, manta rays, eagle rays, nurse sharks) and even 2 whale sharks, one in daytime diving and the 2nd at night around theAmba. The instructors are both very professional, constantly attentive and caring, and create a friendly atmosphere on the boat.
The Maldivian crew is adorable, and the meals, prepared on board with great care by the cook, are to fall to the ground! Maldivian specialities often made with tuna or chicken, vegetables, rice or pasta, fruit, cakes... Enough to satisfy the hunger created by the 3 daily dives. One thing is certain, it is impossible to lose a gram during these 10 days!) But we enjoy it in every way.
Jérôme Whoever took care of the reservation is a very efficient and available correspondent.

Best parts:in the north, you are alone in the world: no divers on the horizon...
Worst parts:nada
February 2019

The cruise went perfectly.

The cruise went perfectly. The boat, the Gurahaliis beautiful, with all the comfort. The crew of the Gurahali like a diving boat is incredibly kind and available. The meals were delicious thanks to Saman, a talented chef. The dives were all more beautiful than the others. Jean-Charles and Charlotte, our DM dive guides during this stay were very professional, welcoming and warm. The diving boat was spacious. The rhythm of the days was ideal. The visits to the fishing islands and Malé with Charlotte as a tourist guide were a real plus. And the surprise reserved by the crew was simply extraordinary. Everything was done to create a great atmosphere.

Best parts:Absolutely everything was perfect.
February 2019

Incredible experience in the Maldives

Awesome! TheAmba is currently the only diving boat in operation in the northern Maldives, so the diving sites were not crowded with boats and divers.

Sleep on the upper deck under the stars. It was wonderful. The cabins are very good too, as well as the meals!

Best parts:Varieties of dives and no one else butAmba the dive site
06 January 2019

Great cruise

The crew of the Gurahaliis great. A big thank you to JC and Charlotte for their welcome, humour and search for sites all more beautiful than the others.

February 24 to March 6, 2019

We'll be right back!

Best parts:The welcome of the crew, the atmosphere set by the guides, their humour and their desire to please us by looking for sites each more beautiful than the next.
Worst parts:The only negative point is the short duration of our stay. If we have to come back it will be with JC and Charlotte if possible.
March 2019

Nice cruise

Nice cruise, spoiled a little by a bad visi but you have nothing to do with it 🙂
Sébastien and Rebecca at the top, great crew.
On top of that, a dive with a magnificent whale shark

Best parts:Everything...Sébastien and Rebecca at the top, very nice boat (Gurahali), organization, cuisine, choice of diving spots
Worst parts:Bad visual during the dives but it's not your fault...paying nitrox
January 2019

everything is magical

no opinion everything is magical
diving dedicated to the past and the big (sporty)
mega top, stephane

Best parts:air travel to and from Sebastian hospitality and diving and super diving crews and magnificent meals, keenly that we return there top level, stephane
Worst parts:? not enough day would be 1 month mini
February 18, 2018 to March 1, 2018

Perfect! Perfect!

everything is perfect, boat, kitchen, crew, dives, autonomy


It was really perfect, our instructor,

It was beautiful. We saw everything: sharks (a lot!), mantas on the stations at 15m (for 60 minutes), schools of jacks, tuna and lots of soft corals in foteyo and in the south (I love it!). I came alone and the atmosphere on board was very friendly on theKoimala. Thanks to the 2 guides for the choice of dives and for the animations. The crew is very careful and very friendly. Really perfect. The boat is fine and thank you very much to the cooks and the bartender for the marguaritas. I'll be back as soon as I can......

February 2019

Everything is perfect.

Everything is perfect. Lovely team. TheAmba is a great boat. Extra dives. Super happy.
Thank you very much for your seriousness and efficiency.
See you soon. And Happy New Year to you.

January 2019

Perfectly organized cruise stay

A perfectly organised cruise-stay and recommended for divers who want to discover the beauty of Maldives' underwater life.

Best parts:The typical Maldivian boat for a maximum of 10 divers. The delicious cuisine. The instructors guides very attentive to our needs and the right choice of dives. The friendliness and kindness of the crew

What can I say about this trip?

What can I say about this 9-day trip to the Maldives on theKoimala, awesome, top-notch!
Reception at the airport, transfer to the boat RAS
Brief of arrival clear, luggage left in the cabin.
Lunch and first dive on the day of arrival, cool!
Then all the other perfect dives, the briefs and the organization of the dives with the guides, always as efficient and professional.
The crew always polite and discreet.
For the underwater fauna, magic: Mantas, rays, sharks, turtles, whale sharks..... happiness.
If you are on a southern Maldives cruise, think of me!

November 2018

Diving cruise in the Maldives


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