Our cruises in Maldives

Private Catamaran
6 persons

Find yourself in complete privacy aboard a catamaran. During your private cruise, the crew will make you discover unknown shores only accessible by sea, for an exclusive and intimate vacation.

Dhoni Privé
4 or 6 persons

Private luxury cruise on a charming traditional boat, to which all the modern comfort has been added. The Dhonis are built in local wood after the Maldivian fishermen's boats.

Yacht Over Reef
6 persons

With its wide hull, Over Reef is a very stable catamaran in all conditions. The large living spaces, high ceilings and innovative equipment make it a very comfortable villa at sea.

100% Snorkeling Cruise
French guides

Discover the exceptional marine fauna and the coral islands of the archipelago on a snorkeling cruise on boats of 12 people with 2 French guides.

Diving Cruise
12 different itineraries

On a dive cruise in the Maldives, the most beautiful spots of the archipelago will be within reach of your fins. Dive in small groups among manta rays, sharks and schools of tropical fish.